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Chesapeake Bay Packing offers a wide variety of scallop products. Browse our Domestic IQF scallops below

Chesapeake is pleased to offer Ocean Perfect Scallops — the world’s finest IQF sea scallop. Ocean Perfect brand scallops are packed ultra-dry, chemical free, and to the most impeccable specifications of the sea scallop industry. This is the ultimate sea scallop, packed naturally without additives in order to preserve the full flavor and succulence of North America’s finest mollusks, satisfying the most discerning chefs from around the world.

Ocean Perfect represents the superlative IQF sea scallop.

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Your trusted, direct source for scallops.

Unrelenting commitments to the highest international food safety standards, quality, and sustainability are the driving elements of Chesapeake’s pursuit of excellence. Our BRC and MSC certifications independently verify Chesapeake’s rigorous adherence to the highest standards of food safety, quality assurance, and sustainability in the industry. Chesapeake is built on longstanding customer and supplier relationships. Our state-of-the-art waterfront processing facilities reflect a consistent commitment to technological innovation and decades of sustained investment, positioning Chesapeake on the leading edge of processing and freezing technologies. Our processing capabilities and automated technologies allow us to consistently meet the most demanding product specifications.

Chesapeake’s scallop line includes premium scallops from the United States, Canada, Japan, Peru, China, Chile, and Mexico. Our extensive network of local and global suppliers enable Chesapeake to offer the finest quality scallops and seafood available from around the world.

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Golden Banks scallops are wild-harvested from the cold and fertile waters of the North Atlantic and represent the most consistent value available in a premium sea scallop.

Golden Banks scallops are available year-round and are consistently processed to the highest level of food safety and quality standards using Chesapeake Bay Packing’s state-of-the-art freezing technologies. All of our scallops are processed in conformance with our strict control methods and reflect Chesapeake’s commitment to the highest standards of quality assurance and traceability in the industry.

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